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Fast-growing e-commerce company Aim'n is now using Flourish

During the year, Flourish, the Founders Loft company has increased its clientele with a number of ICA Maxi stores and Jollyroom, and now the company announces that the e-commerce company Aim'n has also joined the technical solution that focuses on employee well-being.

"The fast-growing e-commerce company aim'n is developing its investment in the staff together with us đŸ€— Aim'n has values ​​such as Positive Mindset and Participation that are in strong line with us. We thank Hanna Stjernström and team for the trust!" - Flourish

In an article published by Flourish, ICA Maxi in Linköping store manager Johan Vanselius explains why they use Flourish;

"Flourish is a modern, fast and very flexible system that allows us as a store, and individual managers, to follow employees' opinions and experiences of their work"

Here you can read the entire article:

About Flourish

Flourish is a modern, pulsating and operationally focused employee survey created for service, rare and consumer goods retail.

Flourish measurements provide ongoing and operational insights into operations and employee engagement. In real time, the management team and store manager can solve everyday problems so that the focus of the employees is on the customer.

  • Relevant measurements created for service & store.

  • Minimal admin for managers and HR.

  • Direct contact between head office and daily operations.

  • Comments can be responded to.

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