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Founder of Freyah is listed as a significant sustainability profile - interviewed in Impact Loop.

- Freyah is part of Founders Loft incubator -

In collaboration with D-Congress and the Swedish Trade Federation, Impact Loop, with recordings from industry professionals, contacts, and its own database, has compiled and highlighted one hundred profiles who aim to make commerce more sustainable. Former Volvo executive Emma Ytterstad is one of those listed due to her company Freyah, which aims to develop a circular marketplace that enables large producers to rent out premium products.

Today, you can also read an interview with Emma in the magazine Impact Loop, where she talks about her entrepreneurial journey and her passion for contributing to the circular transition in commerce.

In the interview, she talks about the two pivots – from selling used kitchen utensils to renting them out, why linear producers struggle to work circularly on their own, as well as the company's name change and new partner Heidi Östlund.

From Rekitchen to Freyah

The company Freyah, formerly known as Rekitchen, is the tech startup building a circular marketplace for premium products. Together with partners, Freyah now offers production companies a unique opportunity to explore the circular transition. Freyah's circular platform aims to facilitate the journey towards sustainable production for manufacturing companies.

Freyah's offering means that production companies can start a circular market outside of their linear business and thus begin their journey towards sustainable production. Through a partnership with the companies Lisa& and GIAB, Freyah can also offer assistance with logistics and financing to the participating production companies.

The service is planned to be launched in spring 2024.

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