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Meanwhile appoints new advisor

The company Meanwhile has announced that they have appointed Louise von Hofsten to be their official veterinary advisor. She is contributing with support through the development process to assure that maximum wellbeing and health aspects is implemented into the product.

Louise has been working as a veterinary doctor for several years and is currently working at one of Sweden's biggest animal hospitals. She is specializing in emergency and critical care and has a great love for all animals.

We are so grateful to have her insight and support throughout our development ❤️ - Meanwhile

About Meanwhile

Meanwhile is a newly founded company that aims to give peace of mind to dog owners. By combining embedded systems, IoT and smart app functions, they are creating a product that help dog owners know more about how their four-legged friends feel when they are left alone, e.g. in the car or in the holiday home.

The product can also be used as support when training dogs suffering from separation anxiety, to really make sure that the dog feels good and that the training can be carried out safely and effectively.


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