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With the help of 12 strategically placed Piffl boxes, Bostadsbolaget and Poseidon are spreading a new level of joy of movement in Gothenburg!

—Piffl is part of Founders Loft—

Piffl is the tech company that has developed a unique system to provide equipment for outdoor activities through its distinctive pink boxes - such as sports gear, outdoor games, and exercise equipment. Through Piffl's app, users can unlock and access the activity boxes. Now, Bostadsbolaget and Poseidon have realized the great potential and benefits of these boxes and have therefore placed boxes at 12 locations around Gothenburg - all to contribute to an active leisure time for their tenants, as well as for visitors!

In Gothenburg, you can now find Piffl's pink boxes at a total of 18 locations, where not only tenants but also visitors can access the contents of the activity boxes.

The new boxes have been placed in areas such as Rannebergen, Lövgärdet, and Västra Frölunda, where Bostadsbolaget and Poseidon have taken another step further for their residents - by partnering with Piffl to make it possible for all users to borrow equipment completely free of charge from the boxes in these specific areas!

This initiative, in collaboration with Bostadsbolaget and Poseidon, thus provides the people of Gothenburg with even greater opportunities for spontaneous sports and play!

"We are very pleased to contribute to an active leisure time for our tenants. Here, there is something for all different interests, and we hope to see even more movement and play in our beautiful courtyards here in Hammarkullen," says Liza Carlund, Development Manager at Bostadsbolaget in Hammarkullen.
"We are so happy that Bostadsbolaget and Poseidon want to increase the opportunity for an active leisure time for residents and visitors in our hometown Gothenburg. It is indeed a source of pride when we start to become more visible on our home turf. For us, it is natural that a park should also provide access to some footballs and kubb [a Swedish lawn game] that people around the area can share," says Dennis Axelsson, one of Piffl's founders.
"We think it's fantastic that we're getting two Piffl boxes in Frölunda, which our tenants and all visitors in the parks can use. We see that it will enable spontaneous activity in a way that includes everyone in the area. The varied activities that the box provides will also promote increased joy in activity," says Linnea Brynell, Development Manager at Poseidon in the Väster district.

Piffl is present at over 120 locations in Sweden and has engaged nearly 39,000 people in 2023

Piffl is an activity box and service for sports and leisure that activates our outdoor spaces such as local sports facilities, parks, and activity areas. Through Piffl's app, users gain access to pink activity boxes filled with sports gear, outdoor games, and exercise equipment. The app also features an activity map with marked locations where one can engage in active leisure. For example, users can find their nearest outdoor gym or locate soccer and basketball courts.

Here's how it works:

  • Download Piffl from the App Store or Google Play

  • Find the box in the app, select an activity, and play.

  • Return the equipment. It's free to borrow within Bostadsbolaget and Poseidon's areas.

  • Learn more about Piffl here!


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