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Nässjö Municipality reports positive impact after one year with the Parking Time app

Montage av företaget Parking Times plansch samt VD Matilda

Parking Time, the tech company focusing on digital parking solutions, has had Nässjö Municipality as its first major customer. They have collaborated for one year, during which the municipality has used the Parking Time app on all central parking lots in the municipality. Positive results are reported after the first year.

"We are very pleased to see a positive outcome from our collaboration; Nässjö Municipality has been a valuable partner. It is important to have municipalities willing to test new innovations, and thanks to Nässjö, we have evidence that our solution creates value for both individual parkers and the municipality," says Matilda Öhman, founder and CEO of Parking Time.

A previous challenge the municipality has faced is overstaying parking, where residents in the city center use visitor parking spaces as resident parking. This hampers the availability of parking spaces for customers and visitors. With the Parking Time app, you cannot park longer than permitted, forcing the user either to move the car or risk a parking citation. This prevents overstaying in the center, thereby promoting better circulation of available parking spaces.

The municipality continues to describe how, for example, moped and motorcycle riders who previously had difficulty placing a physical parking disc on their vehicle can now use the Parking Time app instead.

"Nässjö Municipality is working on digitization in several areas, where parking is one part. Here, we have invested in a collaboration with Parking Time, which has worked well from several aspects," says Jonas Funkquist, Traffic Engineer at Nässjö Municipality. (Nässjö Municipality's Department of Community Development)

The company itself has also received several positive calls from residents in Nässjö who want to share that they are satisfied with the app and that it has helped them keep better track of their parking.

Of all the things you need to think about during the day, parking should be one of those things you need to think about the least. Parking should be so smooth that you barely need to think about it; it should just work. We call this Smart Parking." - Matilda

The next step in the collaboration is to get even more residents and tourists to know about and use the app!

About Nässjö:

Nässjö is a medium-sized municipality in northern Småland with close to 32,000 residents. For several years, the municipality has used parking discs in parking lots, a political decision aimed at promoting increased downtown trade and a vibrant city center. In 2023, they decided to introduce digital parking discs as an alternative for their residents and tourists and began collaborating with Parking Time. The municipality actively works on digitization at various levels, so testing Parking Time was a natural choice for them. Transitioning to a digital parking solution can both reduce the need for paper and plastic associated with the traditional parking disc and also take advantage of new benefits not possible with the traditional parking disc.

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About Parking Time:

Parking Time is a tech startup aimed at revolutionizing the parking experience for all parties involved - the parker, parking attendants, municipalities, and (or) property owners.

The company currently offers a digital parking disc in an app to complement today's range of parking apps, which mostly focus on fees and permits. The company continuously develops the app according to customer needs, with a main focus on user-friendliness and convenience. The company explains that they work in stages, where the first stage involves offering an initial version to listen to market feedback and thus understand users' actual needs. Once we understand our users' needs, we can move on to the second stage, which focuses more on Smart Parking.

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Matilda Öhman, CEO, Parking Time


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