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New HR-tech Startup in the Incubator – Welcome Karma Vitae!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

A warm welcome to Founders Loft, tell us more about ”Karma Vitae”

Thank you. Objective self-awareness of one’s own talents is critical not only for self-improvement but also for better career choices. Karma Vitae is a global talent and career management platform enabling people to identify and measure their talents in context of professional environment and job market.

Who are you – the Team behind the company? The founding members of Karma Vitae are Shashi and Ila Thakur. Between them, they have extensive experience in the field of Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Software Programming and Marketing respectively.

What got you to apply for our incubator? When dealing with multifarious known and unknown aspects of business, experience alone is not always enough. One needs expertise to navigate through the multidimensional business complexities. Founders Loft has enabled many startups to overcome these challenges. Working with Founders Loft will help us with business insights and facilitate collaboration with other entrepreneurs.

What’s the next step for ”Karma Vitae”? We are planning a Beta launch of our product and services to seek feedback from the market. We also look forward to partnering with like minded organisations for human capital management. We hope you want to join us on the journey: Website:


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