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Nyköping and CTT Systems AB are investing in PIFFL's pink boxes to increase outdoor activities

Nyköping and CTT Systems AB recently announced that in a joint collaboration they contributed to increased movement and health in their home municipality of Nyköping by investing in PIFFL, which means that the company has now expanded its customer base to several municipalities. The newspaper Södermanlands Nyheter wrote about the PIFFL-boxes in Nyköping.

PIFFL provides a service for sports and leisure through its significant pink activity boxes filled with sports, outdoor games and exercise equipment. Through PIFFL's app, you can access the activities and the app also contains an activity map with highlighted places where you can practice active leisure. Here, for example, you can also find your nearest outdoor gym or see where the football and basketball courts are.

"CTT Systems wants to contribute to a more sustainable local society through PIFFL. Perfect to collaborate with the municipality of Nyköping and offer residents access to activities that contribute to equality and wellness, which are also environmentally friendly," says Markus Berg, CFO & Head of Sustainability, CTT Systems AB.
It is gratifying to see that not only municipalities, but also companies step in and sponsor the joy of movement for the public - Andeas Sundgren, creative director, PIFFL
"We at Nyköping Arenor got hooked on PIFFL very quickly because of the smart, stylish and simple solution that opens up movement and spontaneous sports!. We hope that our investment with PIFFL will be able to increase the chance for more movement and play for our residents in Nyköping municipality. I am incredibly happy to have come into contact with PIFFL and the staff who have made the process very smooth and fun!” says Wilma Bränderson, association consultant in Nyköping Municipality. "We are so happy that the municipality of Nyköping wants to increase the opportunity for active leisure time for its residents and visitors. For us, it is a matter of course that at a park you should also provide access to some footballs and blocks that people around the place can share." , says Dennis Axelsson, one of PIFFL's founders.

This is how it works

- Download PIFFL in the App Store or Google Play

- Find the box in the app, select an activity and play

- Return

- The cost is SEK 10 per hour.

About Piffl

Piffl is a sharing platform for sports and leisure, the missing link between cities' activity areas and the people around them. Through Piffl's app, city residents and visitors get access to gaming and sports equipment where it should be, equipment that can be used over and over again. Piffl wants to inspire more joy in movement and change consumption behavior where sharing is the obvious choice over ownership.

Read more about PIFFL here!


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