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Pioneer-project involving Lund Municipality and Salus Mea is highlighted on TV4

Salus mea is part of Founders Loft

Lund Municipality was one of the first municipalities in the country to initiate a project to provide digital home care to its residents. With the service 'Digital Visit,' the tech company Salus Mea has been a part of this project, which TV4 has now featured in a segment.

Click on the preview image below to be linked to the TV4 clip.

Picture: Emanuel Vedefors, grundare och CTO, Salus mea.

About Salus mea

Salus Mea is developing an open, personalized, future-proof communication platform for security services. To strengthen security and collaboration for good care and close healthcare for an international market.

The company is developing the innovation in collaboration with municipalities, where the staff's solid knowledge of both operations and care recipients contributes to the functionality and relevance of the service.

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