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We welcome the exciting company Cloud Family to Founders Loft !

Updated: 5 days ago

Cloud Family is the tech company with a solution that assists both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their customers through an ML/AI-based platform that reduces both AWS costs and risks - without affecting either technology or security. A brilliant idea with a highly competent and experienced team behind it. We are pleased to announce that this exciting company is now part of the Founders Loft incubator!

A warm welcome to Founders Loft, please tell us more about your company:

Cloud Family helps businesses reduce their cloud infrastructure costs from AWS (Amazon Web Services) by 10 - 30%, without impacting the company's technology or security.

Cloud Family assumes the financial risk, instead of individual companies, for large and long-term volume contracts with Amazon. We use machine learning (ML) to understand how companies' usage of AWS resources varies over time, and we use artificial intelligence (AI) to allocate our financial commitments across different customers on an hourly basis, to maximize customer savings.

Who is the team behind the startup?

We are three founders in the team. Jonatan Redvik, CEO, and then we have Henrik Lewander, CTO, and last but not least Markus Viikki, who is CSO.

We worked together for 12 years before starting Cloud Family. We were all involved in building up Appland, which was sold to the Indian company OnMobile in 2018, where we continued to work until mid-2023. At Appland/OnMobile, we streamed mobile games, which incurred million-dollar costs on AWS every month. After discussing this with AWS, we contacted several providers to solve the problem for us. After a while, we realized that no one was doing this in a good way, but we also realized how it should be done. After further discussions with AWS, we started a partnership between AWS and Cloud Family. AWS has been incredibly helpful, both technically and financially.

What prompted you to apply to Founders Loft?

When Jonatan founded Appland, he chose to move into Founders Loft (formerly Framtidens Företag) in 2011. Both Henrik and Markus were also involved at that time, so it felt natural to come back home again!<3

What is the next step for your company?

The company already has around 20 pilot customers but needs resources primarily for technology development and marketing.

Unlike many innovative startups, we do not intend to raise any external equity capital in 2024. Instead, we will try to finance the company through a combination of customer revenue, self-funding, grants, and loans. Our ambitions are high, and we hope to create many job opportunities in the Gothenburg region within a couple of years.

In the picture from left: Markus Viikki, Jonatan Redvik, and Henrik Lewander.

About Cloudfamily

The team behind Cloud Family previously developed a service for streaming mobile games, which led them to use AWS services. They discovered that they could develop a solution that would allow multiple companies to share costs based on their usage of the services. After discussing this with AWS, the team realized they had a new business idea, and Cloud Family AB was born – as a partner to Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Family’s service with a fixed-price commitment enables discounts for customers, thanks to Cloud Family’s AI/ML-based platform.

For more information, please contact:

Jonatan Redvik, Co-founder and CEO

Phone: 0709 - 11 33 34


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