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We welcome Yvonne Ericsson and Kajsa Räftegård to the Founders Loft board!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

We recently announced that two new fantastic board members have joined Founders Loft's board. Now we want to take the opportunity to present these two in depth.

Our CEO Malin Jovanovic Gunnarsson comments:

"After a wonderful summer it is now fantastic to welcome two new board members to Founders Loft. I have the privilege of working with a board where we have committed, passionate and experienced members who are passionate about the best interests of Founders Loft. Both Yvonne and Kajsa will add a boost and supplement with new relevant skills. In this way, Founders Loft's board, with chairman Anna Linton at the helm, continues its value-creating work in supporting us in our work towards new goals with a focus on development for both the incubator and the companies we work with."

Yvonne Ericsson has a background in marketing and communications and has, among other things, been marketing manager for Manpower, Janssen-Cilag and sponsorship manager for Trygg-Hansa. For the past 14 years, Yvonne has worked and lived in Silicon Valley where she helped start and build the tech incubator Nordic Innovation House, which focuses on guiding Nordic startups on their journey to establish themselves internationally and define strategies for effective growth.

Yvonne has also been an entrepreneur and ran companies in the US where she conducted innovation trips for European companies that saw the need to establish relationships and create business opportunities with tech companies in Silicon Valley. Most recently for Google Search Ads as a content analyst.

Yvonne mainly contributes with many years of experience from the American/international startup scene, networks and insights in company building.

"Having worked and lived for the past 13 years in Silicon Valley, the world's tech mecca, I am extra passionate about entrepreneurship, incubation and innovation, so being elected to Founders Loft's board feels extremely exciting. I hope my international experience will come in handy here to support startup companies on their international journey, mainly in the USA.". - Yvonne Ericsson.

Kajsa has a Sociology degree from the University of Gothenburg and has more than 20 years of experience from various managerial positions in HR and communication. For 15 years, she has held the position as HR and communications director and member of the group management at Kappahl AB (publ). There, sustainability issues formed part of the area of ​​responsibility.

Kajsa has broad experience of organizational and leadership issues in varying business cultures, under different ownership structures and economic adjustments.

Since 2018, she has been active as a senior consultant in her own company, with, among other things, conversation management for the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce's executive network groups. As well as an active board member, including as chairman of the board of Majblomman's Riksförbund.

"Being part of Founders Loft's board feels really inspiring, a dynamic business with high ambitions, I like that.

I hope that my competence and long experience, including in HR and leadership in various corporate constellations, can come in handy and contribute to the whole and the development of Founders Loft". - Kajsa Räftegård.

Finally, our entire team from Founders Loft would like to wish Yvonne and Kajsa a warm welcome!



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