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Zebra Impact Academy organizes workshop for investors

Start investing with impact!

Now you can participate in a free online training for those working as financiers or investors and want to find strategies for making your money contribute to a better society.

The lecture and workshop are led by two of Sweden's foremost experts on impact investing: Ruth Brännvall from Impact Invest Scandinavia and Ylva Lundkvist Fridh from Mikrofonden Sverige.

As a participant in the training, you will also be invited to participate in the spring's Dragon's Den for participants in the Zebra Impact Academy accelerator program.

As investors, we're accustomed to seeking unicorns - that investment that will make our capital grow rapidly. But a growing trend is to use investments to also make a difference in society, by finding so-called Zebra companies, also known as impact companies. These companies create societal change through financially profitable business models, for instance, by contributing to social changes, improved public health, security, or inclusivity."

Sign up for the workshop and become an impact investor!

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