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What starts here might
change the world

In our mission, we build an ecosystem of innovations and people who contribute to changing the world.

Who is Founders Loft?

Founders Loft  is an incubator and a co-working community in central Gothenburg. Our startup's business ideas are characterized by innovative and innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable society. We are a safe place where entrepreneurs meet, follow their dreams and build their companies - together towards common success. With over 20 years of experience and with a sustainable future in mind, we support you and your company on the journey by offering a structured process, guiding you towards financing and identifying the skills needed for your continued development. No participation requirements, full support and with great passion. 




An incubator or business incubator is an organization with the aim of promoting and facilitating start-up companies' path towards growth and profitability. The incubator's main task is to offer qualified business advice or business coaching, as well as networks to facilitate contacts with customers, partners and investors.


In many cases, the business development support is combined with support services such as rental of premises, telephone and IT resources. In addition, the incubator often has partner agreements with service companies in accounting and financial management, business law, marketing and recruitment.


In our mission, we build an ecosystem of innovations and people who contribute to changing the world. With structured processes, we ensure positive effects for both the planet, society and humanity. We nurture dreams. We stand for inclusiveness, courage and passion. We live as we teach. 


Everything starts from what you want, building a company is not done based on a framework – all people are different and all business ideas have different needs. Together with your business coach, you set the framework and goals for the future.


You become part of our inclusive community of like-minded people, entrepreneurs who follow their dreams and build their companies. A family where together we help each other towards success.

Everything starts with an initial meeting where we jointly determine where you stand today and where you want to be in the future.

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[Founder's Loft]


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Founders Loft's incubator is the program for you who are entrepreneurs and who are ready to invest in your business.

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Co-working space

Inspirational lectures, a CEO network and aw's.


Sit together with other companies and collaborate.

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We offer a dedicated coach who will help you,


WE offer a large network with partners in several industries.


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With us, you get access to a bunch of benefits.

What we do

We develop startups and entrepreneurs with ideas that can change the world for the better. 

With our support, you get the conditions to create a sustainable, world-class company.  Together with our business developers, external advisors and experts as well as your entrepreneurial colleagues in the incubator program, you and your company can increase your chances of growth and success.

We are looking for you

We are looking for you who is a committed entrepreneur and who wants to take your company and business idea to the next level together with us in our incubator.
You probably have an innovative and innovative business idea that is scalable and has the potential to reach an international market. Your company is younger than five years and you have verified your business idea through, for example, contact with potential customers.

We offer

We are a committed incubator with extensive experience in incubation. We take no ownership stake and can therefore give you an unbiased commitment. Your company is yours when you move in and yours when you move out, unless you yourself chose to bring in other co-owners. Together with other companies and with support from us, our incubator companies have taken the step from startup to established companies.

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Our companies

More than 150 companies have started their journey in collaboration with us. Here are the companies that are with us right now. 

Some companies we have worked with