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After Work/Kickoff and awards @foundersloft!

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

To kickstart the autumn with all our wonderful companies in the incubator we invited them to an after work at our facilities. We had DJ worshop one and one and also gave out our "This years" awards to our companies!

Here are the awards we presented:

This years

This years Ray of sunshine,

Emigreat. With the ability of bringing joy and sunshine even during rainy days the Emigreat team brings hugs and smile to everyone they meet. There fore they is this years Ray of sunshine in our Community

This years Community star:

Flourish. With the ability to make people come together, always giving a helping and and some good advice the Flourish team always give support from sales how to build a good relationship with customers and structure your coding to making sure that everyone eat and drink coffee together.

This years Pitch:

Parametric Solutions. With a strong case and determination this team has taken not only Sweden but the world with excitement. The Parametric team keeps conqueror the world one step a time.

This years Innovator:

UA Vision Nordic AB. With a great idea that can have an impact for lots of people UA vision has been nominated to the Ny tekniks 33 list and has since they entered the Founders loft program made great and important steps toward being a sustainable future success

This years Rookie:

Lynkrr. With the future in mind and making each step count, the Lynkrr team is proving their place in the spotlight. No one can stop this train from reaching their end destination.

This years team:

Jolint. It is not easy to create a team specially when you see eachother day and night and can be total opposites, however with determination, great dialogues, patience and humility this team has created a great business case and keep up a great work to fulfill their dream. Congratulations Jolint!


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