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Zebra Impact Academy

Zebra Impact Academy aims to support and reshape the conditions for businesses where good values ​​are at the center, rather than a profit motive. We also want you to connect with capital. Today, far too few Zebra companies have access to investments from both society and private investors. We want to change that! The initiative is the result of a collaboration between Founders Loft, Coompanion, and Mikrofonden, and is funded by Vinnova.

Companies applying to the program may be led by one or more individuals, but the important thing is that they want to make a societal change, such as contributing to social change, increased public health, security, or inclusion. Zebra Impact Academy was created because more companies with the right values ​​need to have the right tools to secure their finances. Together with other aspiring Zebra entrepreneurs, our tailored program will develop your offering to highlight and clarify the societal benefits of your operations while making you more attractive to customers and investors.

Learn more about what Zebra companies are and about the Zebra Impact Academy HERE

Collage av TJIVA event


The project TJIVA was conducted between 2019 - 2022 and successfully coached small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop their innovation capability regarding service offerings.

Together with Johanneberg Science Park and Rise, Founders Loft has worked to increase the innovation power of small and medium-sized enterprises by testing several components and processes, such as targeted training, service innovation labs, and peer-to-peer networks to enhance the innovation capability of SMEs.

TJIVA was the first accelerator in Sweden, and likely in Europe as well, to fully focus on small and medium-sized service companies and manufacturing companies that want to increase the service content in their products.

The purpose has been to strengthen the innovation capability of SMEs by providing tools and discussion forums.

Read more about the project HERE 

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This project was run between 2017 - 2023 by eight incubators in West Sweden and the project aimed to streamline and create more opportunities for collaboration.


Read more HERE

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