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Founders Loft hosted the companies for a Tech Lunch with AWS & Epical Code

As part of Founders Loft's efforts to build knowledge and our community, the incubator organizes value-adding internal events for our companies. Tech Lunch is an example that serves as a forum for all developers, CTOs, and tech teams in the Founders Loft community. On October 20th, the theme for the Tech Lunch was "Why Serverless," where the companies had the opportunity to meet Albin Lindskog from AWS and Alexander Karlsson from Epical CODE.

We at Founders Loft would like to thank Albin and Alexander for this very interesting and value-adding Tech Lunch!

Albin Lindskog is a Senior Solution Architect and a former fintech founder and CTO. With seven years of experience in running startups and building on AWS, he assists other startups in building efficient and scalable cloud systems.

Alexander Karlsson, of epical CODE, is a Senior Solution Architect and DevOps Professional with 8 years of experience working with AWS as a developer and architect. He works daily in CODE's CloudOps team, contributing with his technical expertise.

Photos: Tobias Larson


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