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Happy Midsummer with Piffl's outdoor games!

When we from Founders Loft now wish you all to have a happy midsummer, we also want to highlight one of our companies, Piffl, which has created an app connected to stationary boxes with various activities. Something that can make midsummer a celebration where all ages can participate and have fun together. And the company, which in a short time has expanded to 30 municipalities in Sweden and received a lot of interest, aims for the significant pink boxes to soon also be found in Gothenburg.

Research shows that we sit for an average of nine hours a day. Sedentary behavior is one of our major public health problems linked to the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and also affects our longevity. Doing activities together allows us to move but also interact and above all have fun together.

The Piffl boxes are equipped with Swedish technology from Qlocx:

With this, we wish you all a nice midsummer!

/Team Founders Loft

About Piffl

Piffl is a sharing platform for sports and outdoor games. Find a box in the app, choose an activity and play.

Read more here:


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