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Meela is pitching their company in the new season of Dragon’s Den Sweden!

Dragons Den is the TV program where entrepreneurs present their business idea and seek investment from the participating Dragons. Now the startup company Meela announces that they will participate in the program.

Meela is a femtech startup who started their journey here at Founders Loft and they are dedicated to revolutionizing mental health for women. Meela connects therapists and female patients with a platform that allows female patients to save time and effort, get the right help and ensure quality assurance.

Dragons Den is a well-known television format for the audience, which SVT previously broadcast in 2009–2010, but entrepreneurship has never been as topical for so many as it is now. Especially for young people, entrepreneurship is becoming more and more attractive.

The program premieres on August 31 on SVT Play and SVT1.

This is how Meela announced it on their LinkedIn:

ANNOUNCEMENT - We can finally announce it, we are on the new season of Draknästet (Dragon’s Den Sweden) 😱
We can barely believe it, we are excited, nervous, anxious, all of the emotions to watch the episode at the same time as all of you on 28th September! 🥹

About Meela

Meela is a tech solution and platform that matches patients to psychologists, psychotherapists and therapy methods. Meela allows therapists to make more money with clients, streamline their capacities and admin tasks, and become better at their jobs by tracking clinical data. Meela takes guesswork out of mental healthcare for women. A Harvard Medical School study found that nearly half of those who start psychotherapy quit against the advice of the therapist. Meela's drop-out rate before session three is 2%.

Meela was founded in 2021 by Natali Suo and Tiffany Boswell. Tiffany comes from a family of psychotherapists and dropped out of her psychology studies to build Meela. Natali is a serial entrepreneur and has previously founded Stressgäris.

The founding duo share a love for psychology, research and problem solving, and both believe (firmly) in the power of therapy - as the best tool for personal development.

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