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Saaya Sorrells-Weatherford, Emigreat, Finalist in Female Founders 2023

Female Founders was started seven years ago by Di Digital, which is part of Dagens industri, with the aim of strengthening and highlighting female founders in the tech industry. This year, Saaya Sorrells-Weatherford, Co-Founder and COO at Emigreat, is one of the finalists featured in the pitch competition which starts today, October 11th!

We at Founders Loft wish her all the best! ✨⭐️🙌👏

EmiGreat is the platform that works to bridge the information gap between migrants and society by providing the resources needed to streamline the often slow and bureaucratic process of hiring people from other countries. Which can save time and money for both HR managers and the job seeker.

This is how DI Digital (among other things) writes about Female Founders:

"In our coverage, it is constantly clear that many founding teams in the tech world consist of two to four men, often also with similar backgrounds. A step in drawing attention to female founders and people in the industry, which can inspire more women to want to work in the tech industry or start their own companies, was to also give them a physical platform.

There are several studies that show in black and white how women and men are treated when, for example, they seek venture capital. A man was described by the investors as "young and promising" while a woman was "young and inexperienced", according to Malin Malmström, professor of entrepreneurship at Luleå University of Technology, in an interview with Di Digital.


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