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Salus mea's technical innovation is included in a new pioneering project by the municipality of Lund

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

In the coming year, the municipality of Lund, as one of the first municipalities in Sweden, will run a project to implement digital home care for its residents. One of the two innovative solutions purchased for the project is provided by the tech company Salus mea, with their "Digital Inspection Visit" service.

The goal is for at least ten percent of the municipality's care recipients to be covered by the digital home care, which means that tablets are distributed to the users and individual plans and wishes are created.

So far, eighteen elderly people have received support via tablet and one of these, who had the service for two months, says in an article in Sydsvenskan that she never wants to be without her tablet.

"The fact that our digital service is part of the Lund municipality's investment confirms the need for renewed working methods within the generally hard-strained care for the elderly in Sweden. Salus mea offers future-proof services for both care recipients, care givers and relatives, and we see increased interest as our elderly become more and more used to the technology," says Niclas Andersson, marketing manager at Salus mea.

The municipality of Lund sees great potential with digital efforts to further increase safety and intends to evaluate and develop the functions of digital home care together with the users.

"In order to meet the demographic development, the ambition is for this area to carry out at least as many efforts as other home care areas and thus carry out over 200,000 digital home visits annually. We also understand the value and need for continued physical visits and digital home care also does not replace security alarms if you have one," writes Niclas Snygg, operations manager of Lund Municipality on LinkedIn.

About Salus mea

The company has developed a SaaS service that is at the forefront of welfare technology. A mobile way of working that creates person-centred security with mobile security alarms and communication tools for citizens, staff and relatives.

Together with a selection of forward-looking municipalities as attractive key customers, a number of pilot projects have been carried out, where the staff's solid knowledge of both operations and clients contributed to the service's functionality and relevance.

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