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SHIs products are featured in the Chefs Food Lab during Big Meet - Sweden Foodtech and Gastronord's event

Updated: Apr 9

Montage of an image of the Startup company SHI, its logo and a chef that is plating food

Big Meet is Sweden Foodtech's major conference taking place on April 9-11, 2024. This year, Sweden Foodtech, along with Gastronord and Stockholmsmässan, has created an international meeting place to explore the future of food with a focus on sustainability and innovation, where, among other things, the food of the future is tested alongside amazing chefs in the Chefs Food Lab section. Now, SHI - Svensk Hampaindustri announces that their products will be part of the innovative test kitchen.

During Gastronord, the leading trade fair for the professional food sector in the Nordic region, the foodtech event's test kitchen will be established, where top chefs such as Frida Nilsson, Saba Nazarian, and Saori Ichihara will cook innovative dishes with SHI's hemp seeds. Not only are these seeds a superfood, being one of the most nutritious seeds available, but they also offer a delicious and nutty flavor!

"We are so proud to be part of Big Meet and Gastronord 2024, which are fantastic platforms for future innovations in FoodTech. We are excited to showcase the tremendous potential of our Swedish-grown Hemp Seeds and demonstrate the unique superfood we can contribute. Not only is it incredibly nutritious, but it also contains complete protein with sufficient essential amino acids in both quality and quantity to meet the body's needs. The opportunities for this incredibly sustainable raw material are endless, and we hope to demonstrate that," says Clara Norell, CEO of SHI.

Sweden Foodtech, a leading think tank in the global food sector, has been assisting companies, cities, and countries since 2016 with new insights into the future of food and how to address both challenges and opportunities. With Sweden Foodtech's premier foodtech conference Big Meet now becoming a part of Gastronord, the renowned test kitchen will be available to both trade fair visitors and conference participants to showcase how future products from around the world are tested by leading development chefs.

During Big Meet, prominent entrepreneurs, researchers, chefs, investors, and startups from around the world will highlight how technology, data, and innovation contribute to the necessary transition of the food system towards a more sustainable society.

Monika Johannesen, project manager at Gastronord, is quoted in the Stockholm Fair press release:

"At Gastronord you´ll get to see what Food Sweden will be tomorrow. We will ensure that together we create the world's best platform so that all market actors can have the best conditions to seize the opportunities in the transition. We look forward to a long-term collaboration where we together create the global meeting place for the future of food."

Additionally, SHI, the first with entirely Swedish-produced hemp, will stand together with Hempster Sweden in a booth and demonstrate how the future of regenerative food can look, taste, and feel.

-- SHI is part of Founders Loft. --

About SHI - Swedish Hemp Industry AB:

SHI - Svensk Hampaindustri AB is a startup company in FOODTECH & CARBON FARMING that delivers a product that not only benefits human health but is also environmentally friendly.

Currently, the company is the only one in Sweden providing larger volumes of Swedish-grown EU-certified industrial hemp seeds that are also pesticide-free. These are processed in the company's hemp factory in Sweden, and the by-products are sold to industries looking to transition to bio-based materials, which promotes carbon sequestration and soil health.

The company's main focus is on technology, machinery, and processing in its HEMP-FOODTECH-FACTORY, where various fractions of EU-certified industrial hemp seeds are produced.

These are sold in large volumes B2B to the food industry and include peeled and unpeeled hemp seeds, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, and pressed cakes.

The company has recently expanded its operations by also offering smaller packaging directly to customers through the trading platform and is already selling cold-pressed hemp seed oil to the Clean Beauty industry.

The company's goal is to become a leading player in the growing hemp market in Sweden and contribute to the country's self-sufficiency in food without pesticides. Hemp's crop has the same protein structure as eggs and soy, while its stem can be used to produce products normally made from cotton, wood, and crude oil. The potential of hemp as a sustainable rotational crop is enormous; it is grown without pesticides, the entire crop can be utilized and reused, contributing to positive environmental effects.

Through strategic collaborations with farms across Sweden, both organic and conventional, the company ensures access to seeds from the EU, then purchases harvested seeds processed in the company's hemp factory.

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