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Taking Innovations to Barcelona!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Founders loft visited innovation hubs, companies and investors in Barcelona together with #WestSwedishIncubators #BRG and other organisations.

Annica Grimberg Lignell, Head of Business Development of the Accelerator at Sahlgrenska Science Park shares her thoughts on the upcoming visit to Barcelona.

“We need to shorten the distance to other startup ecosystems, share insights and leverage on each other’s strengths. A part of our expectation is to meet Spanish startup ecosystems and investors to generate traction for the West Swedish thriving startup scene.”


✔ Financial Times Southern Europe has named Catalonia "Best region for foreign investments".

✔Barcelona and Catalonia is Spain's most innovative city with hubs in everything from mobility, energy and health tech.

✔The city attracts talent in, among other things, tech and programming, many become co-founders of startups.

✔ Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia are the three biggest innovation hubs of which Barcelona attracts the most foreign capital.

✔ There are several actors in the city who have captured the strong growth climate. One of them is Norrsken, which has high ambitions to become "the place to be" for future unicorns.

✅ Catalonia is the 5th most digitized region in the EU.

✅ There are more than 2,000 startups in Catalonia and 7 unicorns.

✅ Collaboration is key, and physical places to meet are important. The magic happens when people and companies come together in creative environments. It leads to quicker collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making.

✅ Many digital native brands started here! They now see a trend where these brands create physical spaces and try to replicate them there.

✅ Seek support from entrepreneurs who have gone through the startup journey to foster your growth. As mentors, they can assist with everything from addressing specific challenges based on their experiences to providing input on a business idea to refine it.

The West Swedish Incubators consists of eight incubators working together, helping new companies grow. Innovatum Startup | Brewhouse Inkubator | Sahlgrenska Science Park | Founders Loft | Borås INK | GU Ventures | Chalmers Ventures | Science Park Skövde

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