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The tech company UA Vision Nordic AB receives three signed "Letters of Interest" from key players in public safety

 - UA Vision Nordic AB is part of Founders Loft incubator -

Since 2021, UA Vision Nordic AB has been developing and testing its innovation known as the MEV-Cam system. It is an advanced 3D camera system with LIDAR and IR camera that allows smoke divers and rescue teams to generate clear images and 3D maps of smoke-filled environments, thereby streamlining and creating safer rescue operations in society.The company now announces that they have received three signed "Letters of Interest"; two from Swedish entities and one from an international entity.

The MEV-Cam system stands for Multi Enhanced Vision and visualizes the smoke-filled environment in a similar way to VR goggles, both for the smoke diver inside the building and for the team outside.

Through a series of tests in realistic environments with both cold and hot smoke conditions, UA Vision Nordic AB has demonstrated the "Proof of Concept" for further prototype development, generating significant interest from key players. Three of these entities have now signed "Letters of Interest."

WinGuard Sweden is one of these signatories, expressing interest in becoming a potential innovation partner for the next phase of development. The second entity, recognizing the substantial potential of the innovation and also signing a letter of interest, is the Gislaved-Gnosjö Fire and Rescue Services. The third signatory is Jakub Ryzenko, the head of the Polish Crisis Information Centre - Department of Space Research Centre - Academy of Sciences.

WinGuard states that they see the real-time imaging and streaming capabilities of the MEV-Cam system as having enormous potential to enhance safety measures during smoke-diving operations. Furthermore, they envision future possibilities for adapting the technology to other types of rescue operations.

"We are very pleased that these key players have signed their interest in our innovation, which we believe can make a significant difference in crucial rescue operations," says Marcus Aronsson, CEO of UA Vision Nordic AB.

Image: MEV-cam visualization of a smoke-filled room.

Images of the team and from test environment

About UA Vision Nordic AB

UA Vision Nordic AB is a technology company with a passion for delivering advanced technical innovations to make a difference in society within the field of security.

In addition to their groundbreaking innovations, the company also conducts property assessments using IR cameras, drones, and handheld instruments. They also provide training in areas such as first aid, CPR, and fire safety.

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