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Co-founder of Meela finalist in Settler of the Year award in western Sweden!

HMK King Carl XVI Gustaf's prize Settler of the Year is the award aimed at entrepreneurs with a foreign background who are founders of a company. Now Almi Väst presents three of nine finalists in Western Sweden, one of whom is Tiffany Boswell, co-founder of Meela. Congratulations from Founders Loft!

On the official website for New Settler of the Year you can read; "The entrepreneur must be able to demonstrate that he has succeeded in developing and running a company with growth potential. The entrepreneur must also demonstrate his ability to overcome personal challenges and show courage, perseverance and resilience."

This is how the three finalists are presented on Almis linkedIn:

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🛡️DPella - Alejandro Russo

Sweden's data-driven and AI innovations face a critical challenge today: sharing data while preserving privacy.

DPella's cutting-edge software solution, developed through extensive academic research, addresses this issue and help companies to attain privacy compliance and adhere to stringent data regulations.

Digitalisering, AI, system, app, webbplats, branding och e-handel – vi är ett tech- och designkonsultbolag som hjälper vi framåtriktade organisationer att ta sitt nästa digitala steg. Vi skapar affärsvärde genom att kombinera tech och design med innovation och affär, och kan hjälpa kunder i hela världen från våra kontor i Göteborg, Stockholm, Lissabon och Japan.


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