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Please note that the first application period for the Zebra Impact Academy is over, but it is still possible to apply so we will save it for the next application period which we will announce later this spring.

Welcome to Zebra Impact Academy – a program for companies striving to make a difference in society.


Companies applying to the program may be led by one or more individuals, but the crucial aspect is the shared desire to bring about societal change, such as contributing to social improvements, public health, security, or inclusion.


"We established Zebra Impact

Academy to provide more

companies with the right values

the necessary tools to

secure their finances."


Together with other aspiring Zebra entrepreneurs, our tailored program will enhance your offerings to highlight and clarify the social impact of your business, making you more appealing to customers and investors.

Zebra Impact Academy aims to support and transform the conditions for businesses where good values take precedence over profit motives. We also want you to connect with capital. Currently, too few Zebra businesses have access to investments from both society and private investors. We aim to change that! This initiative is the result of a collaboration between Founders Loft, Coompanion, and Mikrofonden, funded by Vinnova.

Be part of the change and apply to Zebra Impact Academy starting in February 2024! Application deadline is January 14th

Cost: None, we finance the project in collaboration with Vinnova, making this project possible. The project is driven by entities passionate about ensuring that you Zebras have a more prominent presence in the business world.

When: Daytime, 10-15% of a full-time schedule, February to May.

Where: Digital – Everyone can participate, from Alestenar to Treriksröset.

What is included in Zebra Impact Academy?

⭐️ Workshops on creating the foundational conditions for fundraising, showcasing your company to investors, and what needs to be in place before that.


⭐️ Workshops on how to increase sales, create happier customers, and an attractive offering.


⭐️ Workshops on presentation techniques, both for customers and investors.


⭐️ Workshop on continually developing your own work and creating structure for yourself and your colleagues.


⭐️ Workshops on setting meaningful goals and measuring your actions. Coaching sessions: Together, we meet to discuss challenges, successes, and address what's happening in your company. You're not alone; we're in this together! With valuable input from coaches, individuals from the business world, and most importantly, each other.


⭐️ Conclusion with presentations for investors. We want those participating in Zebra Impact Academy to access more funds. Here, you'll have the opportunity to test your presentation materials with investors who also care about societal issues. Who knows, you might attract an investor for the future - and if not, you'll know how to approach it next time!

If you share our vision of conducting business with a purpose, apply to Zebra Impact Academy and let us together shape a more sustainable future. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to becoming an outstanding Zebra entrepreneur.

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