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Conference summarized results for pioneering project focused on service innovations!

At the Johanneberg Science Park in Gothenburg, results from TJIVA - the accelerator that focuses on innovations in the service sector - were presented yesterday, October 19. The project, which is a collaboration between Johanneberg Sciencepark, Founders Loft and Rise, has since its inception offered close to 300 companies individually adapted recommendations and support. TJIVA has also developed an exclusive basic course in value-creating logic.

"Founders Loft is happy and proud of our partnership in TJIVA's value creation project. It was a very good conference that highlighted the great results and also raised participating entrepreneurs. We welcome more similar initiatives from authorities and organizations to fill the gap that exists in the market in this sector and urge these stakeholders to contact us at Founders Loft" says Tobias Larsson, business developer Founders Loft

Pioneer project in Service Innovation Acceleration

As the first service innovation accelerator in Sweden, and probably also in Europe, TJIVA has a specific focus on small and medium-sized service companies and manufacturing companies that want to strengthen their service offerings.

TJIVA has developed effective methods and tools to support companies in exploring new ideas, optimizing their processes and strengthening their innovation capabilities. The results of this work have resulted in increased competitiveness among the companies.

During the latter part of the project, they have actively focused on promoting diversity and inclusion in order to reach new target groups with their offer. This includes foreign-born individuals and entrepreneurs in suburban areas.

The conference

The event began with a presentation by Lars Witell, professor at Linköping University and Center for Service Research. Witell's presentation highlighted the crucial role that service innovation plays in today's business world.

What really distinguished the conference was the active participation of companies cooperating with TJIVA, which underlines the value of personal coaching. Discussions focused on driving improvements and progress in the service sector, with a particular focus on strengthening service sector companies and expanding their customer base. The importance of promoting dialogue and collaborations with other companies was also emphasized.

The afternoon concluded in a panel discussion that emphasized the crucial role that initiatives such as TJIVA play in bringing attention to service innovation and business development. These strategic initiatives are central to strengthening companies and increasing Sweden's competitiveness on the global stage.

Watch the film about TJIVA where you will hear, among other things, two of Founders Loft's business developers; Alma Backendal and Tobias Larsson tell us more about the project.

Exclusive basic course in value-creating logic

TJIVA has also created an exclusive foundational course in value creation logic, which encourages companies to explore customer needs in new ways and create businesses that match those needs. The course is offered free of charge.

Participants at the conference:

Mathias Duell, Customer Value Guru (Moderator)

TJIVA companies:

Heloisa Oderich, Globe Patient

Mila Viniavska - Smart Choices

Viktor Storberg Svahn - Actea Consulting

Ramak Kalani - Kalani Design

From the project:

Alma Backendal, Founders Loft

Barbro Lagerholm, RISE

Björn Westling, Johanneberg Science Park

Jessica Oldborn, Founders Loft

Malin Jovanovic Gunnarsson, Founders Loft

Sofia Ganslandt, Johanneberg Science Park

Tobias Larsson, Founders Loft


Andreas Albertsson, Västra Götaland region


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