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Congratulations Rivus Batteries - winner of Founders Challenge!

During a full day at Founders Loft, the jury for the Founders Challenge met to evaluate the 4 finalists' contributions, where the finalists had also prepared a video pitch. The jury, which consisted of Madelene Näslund, BRG, Johannes Tell, SEB, Sara Ringdahl, Almi, Joachim Keim, Coompanion, Pontus Lund, Wellstreet, finally selected a winner - Rivus Batteries!

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the other three finalists who, with their contributions to the competition, showed fantastic entrepreneurial drive and quality!

The jury's justification for the winning entry:

"The winning entry is an excellent example of an organization driving societal change and sustainability through cutting-edge innovation. Their work is deeply rooted in the 2030 Agenda, where they not only embrace the global goals but also have the potential to translate them into commercially viable innovation. If the company succeeds in going all the way from research to commercialization, they will contribute with great impact to society. The winner is a contribution with excitement. Big congratulations Rivus Batteries!"

The finalists: Jeroen Thijssen Co-Founder/CEO Savebl, Louise Forsby Chief Marketing Officer Saveabl, Alerys Sosa Co-Founder & CEO Drev, Anna Sheridan Communications Specialist Drev, Cedrik Wiberg, CEO Rivus Batteries, Andreas Kölling, COO Rivus Batteries, Omar Alzokani CEO & Founder Lynkrr.

The jury: Johannes Tell, SEB, Sara Ringdahl, Almi, Joachim Keim, Coompanion, Pontus Lund, Wellstreet, Madelene Näslund, BRG.

About Rivus Batteries

Rivus is a cleantech start-up with the goal of providing society with a greener alternative to standard batteries. The technology is the result of founder Cedrik Wiberg's work and research.

Cedrik's journey began in 2016 when he decided to quit his job as an engineer because he wanted to do more meaningful work. Like so many other concerned citizens, Cedrik wanted to help tackle the climate crisis. When he decided to pursue a PhD, he began researching organic redox flow batteries. This was an area where there was room for innovation to develop environmentally friendly technology.

Determination to develop a technology that could provide society with a greener alternative to standard batteries led to early success. Testing of an organic molecule showed strong performance and this became the basis for Rivu's technology.

This exciting discovery kick-started the formation of the company Rivus.

Rivu's technology has developed in parallel with Cedrik's research career and gives it a solid scientific foundation. In its early stages, Rivus was aided by the support and encouragement of other academics and experts in related fields. InnoEnergy was an early investor and believed in Rivus.

This support and growing confidence in Rivu's technology led to another major breakthrough. The discovery of a way to bind CO2 as a resource for the battery meant that it would have a lower environmental impact than first thought.

Read more about Rivus Batteries:

The competition criteria that the jury in the Founders Challenge based on is that the business idea helps to reach one of the global goals of gender equality or sustainability and that it must be sustainable, scalable and innovative and has the potential to affect many people's lives.

Read more about the four fantastic finalists:

About Founders Challenge

Founders Challenge is more than just a competition; it is a platform for passionate entrepreneurs to realize their visionary business ideas. Our mission is crystal clear: Empower entrepreneurs to create a better society through impactful, inclusive businesses.


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