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Flourish increases its customer base and enters into partnership with market-leading tech companies

During the summer months, there are companies that still keep up doing amazing work. One of these is Flourish, the company that developed a technical solution for employee surveys aimed at stores and service. During the summer, they have announced that they have increased their clientele with five ICA MAXI stores, which means that Flourish's market share now constitutes 20% of all ICA MAXI stores in Sweden. (In addition to also having several other stores as customers) Also, they have recently announced that they entered into strategic partnerships with three market-leading tech companies in recruitment and personnel management with the aim of being able to offer companies innovative and innovative IT solutions for management of personnel.

The partnership with the recruitment tool Higher, the schedule and staffing system TIL-Tid should lead to customers being offered a fully integrated comprehensive solution that streamlines the work around recruiting and managing their employees to make it easier for those industries that traditionally have extensive and time-consuming HR processes.

Mårten Andersson, who is the CEO of Flourish, explains that there are several reasons why the work with grocery store employee engagement comes with challenges. Since the opening hours in the stores are from morning to evening and the staff have neither work phones nor personal work computers, it is complicated to assemble the team to communicate objectives and new policies or to motivate a staff consisting of full-time and extra employees. That's why Flourish's streamlining of personnel management continues to generate interest around the country.

"We are very happy and grateful that we see an increased demand for stores to increase their investment in staff. Our goal is to continue investing in stores and service so that more people can flourish and feel good about their jobs," says Mårten Andersson, CEO of Flourish.

About Flourish

Flourish is a modern, pulsating and operationally focused employee survey created for service, rare and consumer goods retail.

Flourish measurements provide ongoing and operational insights into operations and employee engagement. In real time, the management team and store manager can solve everyday problems so that the focus of the employees is on the customer.

  • Relevant measurements created for service & store.

  • Minimal admin for managers and HR.

  • Direct contact between head office and daily operations.

  • Comments can be responded to.

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