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Founders Startup Stories - Piffl

Piffl is a sharing platform for sports and outdoor games. Through an app, the city's residents get access to equipment on common areas made for sports and play, equipment that can be used over and over again.

The founders behind the app, Dennis Axelsson and William Nimbs, found each other through football and the shared interest in sports. It all started in the summer of 2020 when Dennis contacted William with an idea that he had been thinking about for a long time and that he himself saw the need for. The idea was to make sports and activities available to the public, without demanding ownership. Sports such as volleyball, squash, tennis, basketball and football require their equipment to be able to be carried out and the problem that the founders identified is that many places cannot be used when you do not have the equipment with you. The structure offered requires that those who want to engage in the outdoor activities have planned it in advance and carried all the associated equipment with them.

"Around a boule court with five thousand homes, in our opinion, five thousand boule sets should not be required for everyone to be able to use the place or have the same access to play boule." -William Nimbs, Co-founder Piffl.

The journey from the idea stage to starting a company went quickly. Already in the autumn of the same year, the founders had met with a very positive response and in a meeting they were confirmed that the city of Gothenburg also liked the idea and was interested in seeing a development of the product. For Dennis, entrepreneurship has always been close at hand, and with William as a partner, the company was a natural step.

“I've always had this in me, and have always had documents on the computer with ideas. So the idea has been there to start a company. Mostly because I have a lot of ideas that I want to get out to people, and not to start a company per se.” - Dennis Axelsson, Co-founder Piffl.

Piffl's first boxes were established, among other things, in Slottskogen in Gothenburg, by the Azalea valley. There are two volleyball courts and the boxes are filled with equipment for all types of activities that can be performed on a sandy surface, including volleyballs, beach tennis, padel rackets, footballs and boules. The development of the product and the technology behind it is going fast, and the founders believe that in a few years municipalities will no longer build parks, basketball courts or boules courts without having ensured the common availability of equipment.

Piffl found Founders Loft via a tip from a mentor who conveyed that the incubator could be a natural next step for the founders, where there is help to get and where you can enter an environment that favors an early startup. They joined without first having an office location due to the ongoing pandemic, but have since chosen to base their office at the incubator. "It's great to be here, everyone here works on the same thing, so we share problems and opportunities with each other." - William Nimbs. "Seeking help is very valuable, and I didn't know there were so many people who could point you in the right direction." - Dennis Axelsson

The company is today validated and has a high return rate on the equipment in the boxes, which has been an important key figure in being able to scale up. Recently, the company also won its first procurement, received its first orders and expanded its workforce.

The vision for the company's future is that you should be able to go to a football pitch in a foreign city and find a football there. Within three years, the founders see that the common perception of access to equipment in public environments has changed and as an actor they hope to have contributed to a large part of the change that will take place. "It's a vision that doesn't necessarily have to be company-specific, but it would be great fun if Piffl could be the platform that becomes the go-to platform. That you go and fool around in the park. That would have been the most fun.” - Dennis Axelsson

"Rather, the goal is to change this consumption mindset and provide this access in three years. We think we can do it in three years. Then how big a part of it Piffle gets to be, of course it's fun the bigger it is. But the fact that we will be involved in driving that development is the fun for us". - William Nimbs

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