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Meanwhile creates tech solution for dog owners - launches Kickstarter campaign!

Photo montage by Meanwhile
In the picture: Annika von Hofsten CEO & Niclas Gustafsson CTO

The Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) dog Tessie, a safe and happy dog in general, always got anxiety every time she had to sit in the car. This was the origin of Annika von Hofsten and Niclas Gustafsson's company Meanwhile, which with a brand new specially equipped smart camera linked to an app enables safer supervision and dog training for our beloved four-legged friends. Now the company is taking a big step into the market with the pre-launch of its first Kickstarter campaign!

Niclas Gustafsson is CTO and has a background in the development of medical technology products such as EKG machines and ventilators as well as leadership, B2B sales and project management. Annika von Hofsten who is CEO has a background in the development of plastic parts for the automotive industry, software development, leadership, B2B sales and project management, and together they have combined 17 years of experience in product development.

The smart camera has, among other things, a motion sensor that reads whether the dog is stressed or not, as well as a temperature sensor that measures the temperature and warns if it gets too hot or too cold for the dog, which optimizes monitoring and creates security for dog owners.

The pre-launch - an important step

A pre-launch to a Kickstarter campaign serves as a prelude to the Kickstarter campaign itself. Now the actual collection of email addresses begins - which is a very important step in the campaign and lasts for 1-2 months. Click here to get to the pre-launch and sign up

Kickstarter, a type of crowdfunding, involves a large group of individuals with small sums helping to finance a business (which is called "backing" a project), usually in exchange for receiving the product at a reduced market price or other related "rewards" ( so-called rewards) as thanks for the help. In Meanwhile's Kickstarter campaign, you will be able to back the company to get the product first of all when it comes out, as well as to be able to get, among other things, unique accessories.

You can also choose to support Meanwhile's innovation and company through Kickstarter without having to pay for the camera.

(You can support with a minimum of 1 euro.)

Depending on how early in the campaign you have pre-ordered, you can also get a reduced market price for the camera, where the first day (so-called Launch Day Special) e.g. Has a full 60% discount!

The camera, which goes by the name SheltieCam, is equipped with high-speed 4G connectivity (just like your smartphone) which allows you to use it wherever you are, as long as there is mobile coverage. SheltieCam leverages the reliability and performance of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure secure authentication and smooth and reliable use of your SheltieCam.

We hope that as many people as possible choose to write down their email addresses and back this innovative startup - for safer dogs!

About Meanwhile

Meanwhile is a startup that aims to provide peace of mind to dog owners. By combining built-in systems, IoT and smart app functions, they create a product that helps dog owners know more about how their four-legged friends feel when they are left alone, e.g. in the car or in the holiday home.

The product can also be used as a support when training dogs suffering from separation anxiety, to really make sure that the dog feels good and that the training can be carried out safely and effectively.


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