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Meela: A femtech startup dedicated to revolutionizing mental health for women.

At Founders Loft, we are incredibly proud to be working with companies such as Meela. Recently the femtech startup Meela, was internationally recognized as one of 14 exciting European startups to watch in 2023 by investors. Read more in this article:

"At Meela, we understand the unique struggles that women face when it comes to their mental health. Women are three times more likely to suffer from mental illness and two times more likely to need therapy, yet it has historically been men who have been responsible for researching and developing solutions to mental health issues. This has led to a bias in the diagnosis of mental health, most recently seen in the under-diagnosis of girls with ADHD".

Meela is dedicated to rebalancing the data gap and creating a better future for women’s mental health. They are committed to creating innovative solutions that can help to provide the necessary care and support that women need to maintain their mental wellbeing. At Founders Loft, we are proud to be the incubator program that supports Meela in their mission to revolutionize the mental health industry for women. We are passionate about helping our incubator companies reach their full potential and providing them with the resources and support they need to grow and succeed.


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