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Presenting the Founders Loft Board

On Wednesday we had our Annual General Meeting and we are pleased to announce that Anna Linton will continue to be our Board's chairwoman. We are also excited to announce that we are joined by two new board members, Yvonne Ericsson and Kajsa Räftegård, both of whom bring a wealth of business expertise to our community. We will introduce them more in depth soon.

Anna Linton commented on LinkedIn:

This afternoon we had the annual general meeting for Founders Loft - I am proud and feel honored to work for another year as chairwoman of the board for this fantastic business! With the board we have a phenomenal team; Yvonne Ericsson, Kajsa Räftegård, Peter Ljungstrand, Simon Strandvik and Christian Lauritzen who will sharpen the strategies for the future and create new opportunities for the companies in our incubator. Together with Malin Jovanović and the whole team of business developers, partners and friends!
Also thank you Jannike Åhlgren, who for many years has done absolutely fantastic work in the innovation system in Västra Götaland and has been a boardmember and former chairwoman of Founders Loft! You are a star⭐️

After the Annual General Meeting, we took the opportunity to treat the Founders Loft companies to cake to celebrate their journeys, milestones reached and successes they have had over the past year. Read More HERE


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