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Parametric finalist in Young Idea of the Year!

On May 30th at the Auktionsverket Kulturarena in Gothenburg, the Young Idea of the Year 2024 will take place. It is organized by Företagarna and the Bengt Bengtsson SIBA Foundation, offering an evening celebrating young entrepreneurs with innovative and community-improving business ideas. Parametric has announced that their founder and CTO, Erik Forsberg, will be pitching to a jury of investors and business leaders.

Erik will discuss how Parametric uses AI to generate design concepts and how they aim to accelerate development within urban planning.

Young Idea of the Year is an award that highlights and supports young entrepreneurs. After a thorough jury process and three semifinals across the country, ten finalists have been selected. They have been invited to the grand finale to pitch their business idea to a jury of investors and business leaders. The winner will receive a grant worth a quarter of a million kronor.

The program is open to anyone seeking inspiration and networking opportunities. Listen to inspiring speakers, make connections, discover successful startups, and meet investors.

When? May 30th, 16:00-21:00

Where? Auktionsverket Kulturarena, Gothenburg

About Parametric Solutions

Parametric Solutions provides architects, developers, and real estate professionals with a powerful program that helps them quickly generate 3D models of building designs. The program allows users to input various parameters, such as room sizes and wall heights, and then generates a 3D model of the building that can be easily modified and adjusted in real-time.

With Parametric Solutions' product Hektar, customers can generate quick and accurate feasibility studies and conceptual designs. The software can also analyze the economic feasibility of a project by estimating construction costs and potential revenue streams.

The tool is a comprehensive solution that can help streamline the design process and reduce the time and resources required to create and modify building designs. Its parametric design features make it a powerful tool for creating efficient and adaptable designs that meet specific parameters and constraints.

About Företagarna

Företagarna represents around 60,000 entrepreneurs through 250 local associations.

They offer networking, knowledge, and practical help and drive the development for a better business climate, so that entrepreneurs get the right conditions to become successful, regardless of how the entrepreneur defines success!

About Bengt Bengtsson's SIBA Foundation

The main purpose of the foundation is to promote and support the development of entrepreneurship in new businesses through financial contributions, without profit motive or limitation to certain legal or physical persons: – Promote and support research in business and commerce. – Promote and support social aid activities to promote reintegration into and integration into society. – Promote and support the education and care of children and young people to increase and facilitate learning.

The purpose is to be promoted by the foundation awarding grants and scholarships to individuals, legal entities, or organizations that have promoted or conducted work in accordance with the foundation's purpose, as well as through advocacy or similar means to change attitudes.


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