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Parking Time initiates a new collaboration with ANNA Security in Stockholm

Parking Time inleder nytt samarbete med ANNA Security i Stockholm

The tech company Parking Time Sweden initiates collaboration with the surveillance company ANNA Security. ANNA Security and Parking Time Sweden focus on different parts of the parking industry and can together create more value for users and reach a larger portion of the market.

ANNA Security has extensive experience in parking surveillance, focusing on delivering high-quality and professional service. The company caters to property management companies, housing cooperatives, and grocery stores. Currently, ANNA Security primarily operates in the Stockholm area with the ambition to expand to more cities in the coming year. As part of this expansion, they also aim to offer their customers digital parking solutions. In this endeavor, Parking Time becomes an important piece of the puzzle.

"We see great opportunities to, together with Parking Time, enhance the experience for parkers in Sweden. By combining our expertise, we are confident that this will become a project that inspires more to see the potential for development within the parking industry," says Hugo Duvér, CEO of ANNA Security.

"We aim to develop and enhance the parking experience by building a user-friendly and modern digital parking solution that propels the industry into the future. We believe that collaboration can both exchange experiences and help reach more customers!" says Matilda Öhman, CEO of Parking Time Sweden.

Read more about ANNA Security HERE

-- Parking Time is part of Founders Loft Incubator --

About Parking Time:

Parking Time is a tech startup aiming to revolutionize the parking experience for all parties involved - the parker, the parking attendant, the municipality, and (or) the property owner.

The company currently offers a digital parking disc in an app to complement today's range of parking apps, which mostly focus on fees and permits. The company continuously develops the app based on customer needs, with a primary focus on user-friendliness and convenience. The company explains that they work in stages, where the first stage involves offering an initial version to listen to the market's response and thus understand the actual needs of the users. Once we understand our users' needs, we can move on to the second stage, which focuses more on Smart Parking.

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Matilda Öhman, CEO Parking Time


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