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Salus mea has signed agreements with five municipalities

- Salus mea is part of Founders Loft incubator -

Salus mea is the tech company within welfare services that drives societal change through its service Digital Visit. The company has taken significant strides in its corporate journey during 2023. With both increased revenue and collaborative development projects with major players, they have laid a solid foundation for the continued progress of innovation. Now, the company announces that they have signed agreements with no less than five municipalities in a short period and that they also have more municipalities on the way in.

We are very pleased with the new agreements and that so many more have now seen the potential in our digital security service. This gives us even more confidence that we are on the right track and can continue the work of co-developing the service," says Emanuel Vedefors, founder and CTO.

The municipalities have a tremendous task when it comes to providing care within home care, home healthcare, and LSS (Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments). The Digital Visit service acts as a complement to physical visits and aims to create security and quality of life.

In a generally strained sector, innovation leads to municipalities being able to streamline their efforts while also contributing to more security for their care recipients, especially during periods where society is also challenged by increasingly limited resources.

Salus mea's innovation provides municipalities with the opportunity to more easily achieve their sustainability goals towards becoming more environmentally friendly.

The new agreements are further proof of the team's tireless work to create a user-friendly and reliable service for its residents.

Founders Loft continue to look forward to following and supporting this important company on its journey forward!

About Salus mea

Salus mea is developing an open, individually tailored, future-proof communication platform for security services. To enhance security and collaboration for good care and close healthcare for an international market.

The company develops innovation in collaboration with municipalities, where the staff's solid knowledge of both operations and care recipients contributes to the functionality and relevance of the service.

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