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Several great pitches during Qrew's pitch competition at Founders Loft

På bild: Qrewjuryn och vinnarna av pitchtävlingen Enda
Pictured: The Qrewjury and the team from the startup Enda, the winners of the pitch competition

Yesterday Qrew held their pitch event at the Founders Loft premises, where a number of startups presented their business ideas to a jury of experts for a chance to win UX/UI services from Qrew valued at SEK 100,000.

Thursday afternoon offered not only sun and heat but also an exciting pitch event organized by Qrew. During the event, the audience heard fantastic pitches from a diverse group of founders leading companies working in prop tech, social impact, and B2B/C service sectors.

In the end, the company Enda was named as the winner. Enda is build a platform for a sustainable trade in clothing.

During the evening there were also snacks and drinks, good meetings and not least, inspiring ideas!


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