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Sunsurf is interviewed by SVT and in the press - demonstrates Sweden's first large-scale floating solar park in Tångagård

Last Friday, Sunsurf Solar, in collaboration with Founders Loft, invited to a press event to showcase Sweden's first large-scale floating solar park in Tångagård, which is their latest project in the company. The press event attracted, among others, SVT Halland, Falkenbergs tidning, Hallands Nyheter and ATL (Leading newspaper for agricultural news and business benefit).

Sunsurf Solar is the tech company with roots in Chalmers University of Technology that has an innovation with patented unique solutions of sustainable and efficient floating solar cell systems. The innovation that now exists as the largest large-scale park at Tångagård enables the farmer Ivar Nilsson to use his irrigation pond in an environmentally friendly way and become self-sufficient in the electricity used to drive the irrigation pumps to his farm - without taking up important agricultural land.

When the solar park is located on the irrigation pond, evaporation from the pond is also reduced and the innovation is designed so that it neither disturbs wildlife nor photosynthesis. It's even the case that the unique double-sided solar panels can take advantage of the water's reflection to create an even greater effect.

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The founders of the company (which was started in 2020) are Martin Örgård, Marc Montgomery and Björn Larsson and have a burning interest and passion for the environment. While Martin and Björn are civil engineers, educated at Chalmers University of Technology, in offshore/liquid energy, Marc, who is educated at the School of Economics at the University of Gothenburg, has expertise in sustainability & environmental law.

About Sunsurf Solar

Sunsurf Solar is supported by Founders Loft in co-incubation with Innovatum Science Park.

The company develops floating solar cell modules for energy production, which are integrated on artificial waterways, water surfaces and land with low natural values. The company was the first in Sweden with floating solar parks and aims to be the market leader in its industry and provide competitive solar installations as an alternative to traditional roof- or ground-based installations.

Their floating solar cell systems reduce water evaporation and increase the efficiency of the solar cells through the cooling effect of the water. In addition, Sunsurf solves the goal conflict, which received much attention in the media, between increased energy production and maintained food supply. This is because Sunsurf's floating solar cell modules use an already exploited surface. The landowner thus does not have to choose between setting aside arable land for solar energy production or continuing to farm the land as before.

Sustainability is a key focus for Sunsurf Solar and their floating solar modules generate renewable energy and have a lifespan of at least 25 years, ensuring long-term and affordable energy production.

Sunsurf strives for long-termism in everything they do, which characterizes their design and material choices to create products with a long lifespan. Unlike competitors, they have designed the solar cell module for maximum light penetration, both to make maximum use of the water's reflection effect and to minimize the impact on the body of water during the installation. Sunsurf's focus is primarily on irrigation ponds, where their floating modules blend in with the environment. In addition to irrigation ponds, Sunsurf's floating solar cell modules are also suitable for lime and stone quarries, bogs, wetlands and peatlands.

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