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Three Companies from Founders Loft Secure Vinnova Grants!

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Founders Loft is celebrating the recent news that three female-founded companies from the incubator have been awarded grants by Vinnova, Sweden's innovation agency.

"We are overjoyed to witness these three exceptional companies receive grants from Vinnova. Their success is a testament to their dedication and innovative spirit. We celebrate their remarkable achievements and look forward to the positive impact they will make in their respective fields and in making the world a better place." says Malin Jovanovic Gunnarson, CEO, Founders Loft.

Vinnova, Sweden's innovation agency has a mission to strengthen Sweden's innovation capacity and promote sustainable growth, they are instrumental in supporting groundbreaking ideas and projects.

The three deserving companies that have received Vinnova grants in this round are Jolint, Parametric Solutions, and Emigreat. Each of these companies brings a unique and innovative solution to the table.

All three of these tech businesses exemplify Founders Lofts vision of creating a better world through supporting startups with meaningful innovations. They are all committed to addressing real-world challenges and making a meaningful impact. As these companies continue to grow with the support of Vinnova grants, they are also becoming great role models for future female founders.

In 2020, Founders Loft proudly announced that 50% of their startups were founded by women. We are a mission-driven organization with a vision to build an ecosystem of innovations and people who actively contribute to making the world a better and more equal place.

Saaya Sorrells-Weatherford, cofounder & COO, Emigreat, comments;
"We're thrilled to receive this grant and the validation and trust from Vinnova. While we are using automation and advanced algorithms in our software, we want to make sure that our work is legally sound, calculates for legal nuance, and is optimally structured to scale internationally.
Our Vinnova funding allows us to perform a necessary legal audit early, and will give more security to our customers since it's been built together with a tech and immigration expert."
Sofia Malmsten, cofounder & CEO, Parametric Solution, comments;
"It is a significant receipt and an additional motivation to be chosen as one of the companies in 'innovative startups.' With support from Vinnova, we are now taking the next step towards revolutionizing the real estate industry with our generative design platform."
Klaudia Mur, cofounder & CEO, Jolint, comments;
We are thrilled that Jolint Network Analytics AB has been awarded the 'Innovative Impact Startups' grant from Vinnova. This grant endorses our commitment to creating scalable solutions that address global societal challenges through DEIB-focused analytics. It's a nod to our innovative approach to foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. With this support, we will develop our prototype further, enhancing our capability to deliver measurable, positive impacts on society aligned with the global goals of Agenda 2030.
Faheem Shah, cofounder, Jolint, comments;
In partnership with Add Gender AB, Boid AB, and Sigma Industry West AB, Jolint Network Analytics AB is proud to be a part of the 'Nya verktyg och metoder för jämställdhet i den digitala teknikutvecklingen' grant. This project, under the Advanced Digitalization program, is a testament to our collaborative strength and shared vision. With this grant, we are set to develop innovative tools and methods that ensure gender equality is an integral part of the rapid digital transformation in the Swedish industry. Our consortium's efforts aim to bolster the competitive edge of Swedish industry through the lens of equality and inclusion.

About Jolint:

Jolint specializes in assisting organizations in creating more inclusive and diverse workplaces. Their data-driven platform utilizes advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to track and measure the effectiveness of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. By providing actionable insights, Jolint empowers organizations to foster a more equitable and diverse workforce.

About Emigreat:

Emigreat offers an international employee management software that enables companies to take ownership of their employees' relocation. Their solution simplifies the often complex process of relocating employees, making it efficient and stress-free for both businesses and their team members.

About Parametric Solutions:

Parametric Solutions equips architects, developers, and real estate professionals with a powerful software program that swiftly generates 3D models of building designs. Users can input various parameters, such as room sizes and wall heights, and the program generates a 3D model of the building that can be easily modified and adjusted in real-time. This technology enhances the efficiency and precision of building design and planning.

About Founders Loft

The incubator Founders Loft offers business development for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. We've been around for a little over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working with many outstanding founders and companies that are doing good for the world. We don't take equity stakes, and our startups focus on Sustainability and Impact. We call them World Changers.

With structured processes and tools, we ensure positive impacts for both the planet, society, and humanity. Everyone is welcome here, and our community is a safe place where people strive for success and dare to fail. We want to contribute to our entrepreneurs finding their full potential, entrepreneurial power, and the opportunity to test their ideas to eventually create world-class companies. We nurture dreams. We stand for inclusivity, courage, and passion. We practice what we preach.

Together, we change the world, one startup at a time.


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