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Zebra Impact Academy - for businesses seeking investment for societal impact!

Zebra Impact Academy is an exciting new accelerator program aimed at creating better opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs with societal change as their strongest driving force.

Following the successful pre-study on increasing investment readiness in social enterprises, funded by Vinnova in the spring of 2023, Founders Loft, Coompanion Göteborg, and Mikrofonden Sverige are continuing their efforts to enhance investment readiness and societal impact of social enterprises and impact companies. The pre-study yielded valuable insights that can now be applied in the accelerator program.

We entered the pre-study with many hypotheses that resulted in significant insights into the investment readiness of social enterprises and investors. Vinnova's decision to support further development is seen as validation that together we have a model with the potential to create value for social enterprises and investors, thereby generating increased societal impact," says Joachim Keim, Coompanion Göteborg.

The Zebra Impact Academy responds to the needs of companies aiming for more than just growth and financial returns. A Zebra company is defined by its commitment to societal impact while being economically sustainable. The accelerator aims to create a space where more such companies can thrive and access both public and private investments. The initiators want to see an increased presence of socially oriented businesses, and that's why the Zebra Impact Academy was established – an accelerator for companies striving to make a real difference.

That the three of us are carrying this out together is going to be so exciting; we all have a passion for companies that create change, and we want to see more sustainable businesses reach both customers and investors. The fact that Vinnova chooses to support the project also feels very positive, as it indicates their desire to see more entrepreneurs in the field in the future," says Jessica Oldborn, Founders Loft.

What is a Zebra Company?

You may have heard of Unicorns (unicorn companies), privately owned startups valued at a billion dollars or more, with a strong culture of rapid growth. As a counterpoint, the concept of Zebra companies emerged, sharing a common goal of contributing to societal changes, such as increasing social inclusion, improving public health, or creating security, all while generating profits. Hence, these companies are both "black and white" in the sense that they create positive impact on society while being economically sustainable. The Zebra Impact Academy offers a tailored program where entrepreneurs can develop their offerings and clarify the societal benefits they generate. At the same time, they expand their networks for increased societal impact and create economic sustainability in the process.

Apply now – be part of the change!

Are you an entrepreneur who shares these values or do you know someone running a similar business? Apply now to the Zebra Impact Academy starting in February 2024! Applications are open until January 14, 2024. In the accelerator, participants gain access to structure and development, assistance with company presentations, and the opportunity to pitch to investors who share similar visions.

For additional information and to submit your application, visit Founders Loft's Zebra Impact Academy.

Let us together create a future where businesses are driven by a deeper purpose and a pursuit of positive impact!

About the project

The Zebra Impact Academy is the result of a collaboration between Founders Loft, Coompanion, and Mikrofonden, co-funded by Vinnova. Through this partnership, the aim is to reshape the conditions for businesses where good values take center stage, rather than profit motives. The goal is to increase the accessibility of capital to Zebra companies from both societal and private investors.

Press contact:

Jessica Oldborn

Phone: 0739 – 83 43 73


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