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About us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Founders Loft  is an incubator and a co-working community in central Gothenburg. Our startups' business ideas are innovative and  contribute to a sustainable society. We are a safe place where entrepreneurs meet, follow their dreams and build their companies - together towards common success. With 25 years of experience and with a sustainable future in mind, we support you on your entrepreneurial journey by offering a structured process, guiding you towards financing and identifying the skills needed for your continued development. No participation requirements, full support and with great passion. 

Business Consultation

Our Story

Founders Loft was created in 2019, but our history stretches back as far as 1999 when the association Framtidens Företag was established on the initiative of the School of Business at the University of Gothenburg.

In 2000, we became an independent incubator to support entrepreneurs and companies in their development, which is still at the core of what we do every day. We now have over 20 years of experience in business development and nearly 150 companies have started their journey in collaboration with us.

We know that building a company is not done based on a framework - all people are different and all business ideas have different needs, so we sit down together to come up with what suits you and your company best. We believe that sustainable entrepreneurs create sustainable companies.

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We build strong & sustainable companies

In our society and in the world, all people who have the dream, the idea and the desire to run a business are needed. Entrepreneurs who can change the world for the better, who can inspire other people to realize their dreams and create companies that really make a difference for us and future generations. 



An incubator or business incubator is an organization with the aim of promoting and facilitating start-up companies' path towards growth and profitability. The incubator's main task is to offer qualified business advice or business coaching, as well as networks to facilitate contacts with customers, partners and investors.


In many cases, the business development support is combined with support services such as rental of premises, telephone and IT resources. In addition, the incubator often has partner agreements with service companies in accounting and financial management, business law, marketing and recruitment.


 In our mission, we build an ecosystem of innovations and people who contribute to changing the world. With structured processes, we ensure positive effects for both the planet, society and humanity. We nurture dreams. We stand for inclusiveness, courage and passion. We live as we preach. ❞


Everything starts from what you want, building a company is not done based on a framework – all people are different and all business ideas have different needs. Together with your business coach, you set the framework and goals for the future.


You become part of our inclusive community of like-minded people, entrepreneurs who follow their dreams and build their companies. A family where together we help each other towards success.

Everything starts with an initial meeting where we jointly determine where you stand today and where you want to be in the future.

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