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Emigreat nominated for the Blaze Inclusion Awards 2023!

We are happy to announce that Emigreat (Techstars '23) has been nominated for the Blaze Inclusion Awards 2023 in the Groundbreaker category for Sweden.

The Blaze Awards celebrate and illuminate trailblazers – individuals and organizations from 8 Nordic countries – who actively and passionately uplift Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives in their workspaces, communities and society overall.

It is a yearly award that is organized by the Norwegian based non-profit organization Diversify that works to promote measurable diversity and inclusion strategies in companies worldwide.

"What an incredible honor to be included in an impressive group of Groundbreakers, and to have our work and vision seen by such an impressive organization." - Emigreat.

About Emigreat

Emigreat is an international employee management software enabling companies to take ownership of their employees’ relocation.

The company was founded by internationals who faced their own struggles with the immigration system in Sweden. We understand the system, how it works, and how to disrupt it. Most importantly, we know the value that internationals have to a company and to a country, and we want to enable companies and internationals so that everyone has the opportunity to work and live across borders.


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