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Founders Loft is opening for applications - starting in June 2024!

Bildmontage Founders Loft öppnar för ansökningar - och andra startups som vill bli en del av communityt!

Do you have a startup, younger than 5 years, with a business idea that creates sustainable solutions for customers and society? Join the 180+ carefully selected companies and apply to the incubator starting June 17th!

  • Application deadline May 15th

  • We will notify those who have applied by May 21st

  • Startup workshops June 17th-19th

Our incubator program promotes sustainable growth.

Are you running an AB within Tech together with a co-founder that is younger than 5 years and ready to fully invest? Apply to our incubator program and receive the right guidance and support to take your company to the next level!

For over 25 years, we have supported Impact-driven Tech Startups, companies with innovative sustainable solutions, as well as Innovations within Tech. Our companies have a 72% survival rate, 80% of our companies have received verification funding, and in 2023, our companies have attracted 29 million SEK in capital.

Our incubator program includes, among other things, business development, IP strategy, Go-To-Market strategy, mentorship program, co-working space, and a fantastic community of startups, developmental activities such as workshops, events, networking, as well as knowledge of what it takes to attract capital. As one of Vinnova's appointed excellence incubators, we can support with verification funding for allocated activities.

About Founders Loft

Founders Loft  is an incubator and a co-working community in central Gothenburg. Our startups' business ideas are innovative and  contribute to a sustainable society. We are a safe place where entrepreneurs meet, follow their dreams and build their companies - together towards common success. With 25 years of experience and with a sustainable future in mind, we support you on your entrepreneurial journey by offering a structured process, guiding you towards financing and identifying the skills needed for your continued development. No participation requirements, full support and with great passion. 

We are currently also running Zebra Impact Academy together with Coompanion Göteborg and Mikrofonden Sverige. Zebra Impact Academy is an exciting new accelerator program aimed at creating better opportunities for companies and entrepreneurs with societal change as their strongest driving force.

We also arrange Founders Challenge every year which is an innovation competition focused on the Global Goals.


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