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Founders Loft welcomes a new mentor

Founders Loft has a growing network of mentors available for our startups. In the network, there are business leaders, founders, and investors—all with different backgrounds and expertise. We are now pleased to welcome yet another strong mentor to our mentor network: Richard Menzinsky, business angel.

Richard is currently serving as the chairman of the board for Vastaf, an investment company focused on startups, but he started his career as a programmer and then moved on to work with project management, pre-sales, business development, and most recently as VP of Product & Marketing for a Fintech company in Switzerland.

He has an MBA from Durham Business School and has a passion for innovative tech combined with business. He has worked and lived around the world and has experience in various roles and industries.

"I find it very enjoyable to work closely with founders of startups, especially within technology. Being able to share the experience I've gathered while also learning from skilled entrepreneurs is a combination I like. I look forward to meeting many exciting companies at Founders Loft," says Richard Menzinsky.

Warm welcome to Founders Loft!


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