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Founders Loft welcomes a new mentor

Founders Loft is pleased to welcome Annica Elveroth as a mentor to the mentorship program. Annica is a trained lawyer and has been working with insurance, damages, appeals, information, and marketing since 1991. Additionally, she has been active as an insurance broker for property companies since 2007.

She is also educated in brand management and internal communication at IHM.

In her leisure time, Annica is a spinning instructor and loves to read and take long walks with her four-legged companion, Milo, a lagotto dog.

"Ensuring oneself correctly is incredibly important. You need to protect the company's property and employees, as well as your responsibility for goods and services to the customer. Together, we go through and identify the risks you and your company may face—some can be insured against, and others need to be managed within the business - simply put, risk management," says Annica.

We at Founders Loft are very grateful for Annica joining our growing mentor network and look forward to a fruitful collaboration!"


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