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Lynkrr is expanding their growing team with Social Media Manager

Lynkrr have announced that they are expanding their team with a new talent, Washan Nabbat, as their new Social Media Manager. She brings a whole range of skills to the company, such as Strategic Communication, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Corporate Communications and Organizational Communication.

Washan has a Master's Degree in Communication and has a knack for engaging content and community-building.

I completed my Master's degree in Communication from Gothenburg University earlier this summer. During my academic journey, I focused on digital marketing because it captured my interest and passion. Therefore, I was certain that this was the path I wanted to pursue after graduation.
Today, I am genuinely excited to be taking this significant step forward with Lynkrr and contributing to Lynkrr's mission, says Washan Nabbat.

Lynkrr comments on their LinkedIn:

Meet our new Social Media Manager, ready to elevate our online presence! 🚀 With a knack for engaging content and community-building, get ready for exciting updates ahead. Welcome to the team, Washan Nabbat

A social media manager is an individual who manages the social media accounts of a company. They are responsible for creating social media strategy, posting content, managing the brand’s image on social media, responding to comments or complaints, and more.

About Lynkrr

Lynkrr is a Founders Loft company that offers a platform and a community focused on empowering individuals and streamlining services. Conceived from the need to support skilled foreign-born women, they’ve built a comprehensive ecosystem which doesn’t just transform skills into self-employment opportunities, but also serves as a reliable conduit between service providers and customers.

Lynkrr enables talented women to launch service businesses while offering a dependable platform for individuals seeking professional services.

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