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MEELA has been awarded grant from VINNOVA

Meela announced that the company has been granted funding from Vinnova - Sweden's Innovation Agency. The grant of 900,000 SEK is going to help the company scale up fast, and be ready for international expansion by 2024.

"We are grateful for their continued belief in our mission and vision to provide quality, and personalised mental health care ❤️" - Meela

About Meela

Meela is a tech solution and platform that matches patients to psychologists, psychotherapists and therapy methods.

Meela was founded in 2021 by Natali Suo and Tiffany Boswell. Tiffany comes from a family of psychotherapists and dropped out of her psychology studies to build Meela. Natali is a serial entrepreneur and has previously founded Stressgäris.

The founding duo share a love for psychology, research and problem solving, and both believe (firmly) in the power of therapy - as the best tool for personal development.

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