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Substly launches discovery engine that optimizes SaaS usage for SMEs

- Substly is part of Founders Loft incubator -

It has never been as critical or challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to gain insight into the usage of SaaS tools in their business. Recognizing this growing need, Substly, a pioneering SaaS management company, has released its innovative SaaS discovery engine to empower management teams in SMEs to reduce SaaS Sprawl.

Substly’s technology provides companies with an automated and aggregated view of how SaaS is used across their organization and how much is spent. This enables increased cost control and guarantees a higher return on investment for their SaaS tools. All without the complexity of an enterprise solution.

"It feels wonderful to finally give SMEs the same opportunity to follow up on their investments in SaaS that larger companies have already had for a long time," says Substly's founder and CEO, Ola Stål.

Enterprise plans have been a watershed in the past

While most SaaS management platforms cater to large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses lack suitable options. Enterprise-level platforms typically integrate directly with other SaaS vendors, limiting access to companies on costly enterprise plans. Substly's innovative SaaS discovery engine doesn’t require direct integrations, thus changing this dynamic, making advanced features accessible to SMEs, and leveling the playing field.

Increased SaaS investment ROI

Strategically leveraging a company's digital tools and technology yields substantial benefits. 

Founder & CEO Ola Stål emphasizes the significance of centralized SaaS management: 

“Companies that haven’t yet centralized their SaaS management by consolidating everything in one place overspend by at least 25%. But SaaS management is also about operational efficiency, risk mitigation, and ensuring that every digital investment contributes to the business's overall success”.

About Substly

Substly is a Swedish tech company that provides customers with insights into SaaS usage and spending, allowing management teams to increase employee productivity, optimize costs, and enhance data security. Since its launch in 2020, Substly's SaaS Management platform has attracted users from more than 40 countries.

For mor information, please contact:

Ola Stål, CEO, Substly

Phone: 0739 - 53 68 83


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