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UA Vision Nordic AB secures seed funding from VGR and verification funding from Almi!

UA Vision Nordic AB has announced that they have received seed funding from Västra Götalandsregionen (VGR) and verification funding from Almi to support their groundbreaking innovations in the field of safety and crisis management.

The financial support will enable the company to accelerate their progress, conduct comprehensive testing, and ensure that the solutions meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

These investments highlight the strong confidence in their vision and the potential impact of the solutions.

We extend our sincere gratitude to VGR and Almi for their belief in our innovation and their support in this crucial phase of our journey. With their backing, we are confident in our ability to drive positive change, improve safety measures, and empower organizations in crisis management. - UA Vision Nordic AB

About UA Vision Nordic AB

UA Vision Nordic AB is a tech company with a passion for delivering advanced technical solutions that make a difference in society.

Among other things, the company conducts property assessments using drones and handheld instruments and also offer training in areas such as first aid, CPR, and fire safety.

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