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Zebra company SWC creates business opportunities between Africa and Sweden!

Zebra Impact Academy is the new accelerator aimed at creating better conditions for companies and entrepreneurs with social change as their strongest driving force. Now you can listen to Sofia Ganslandt in a brand new video talking about the Zebra company Sustainable World Corporation, which was part of Zebra Impact Academy this spring 2024!

The video is in Swedish:

Zebra companies are characterized by their commitment and create new opportunities for the world. Zebras prioritize sustainability and social impact with steady growth and economy instead of quick money, rapid investments, and fast growth. Zebras work in herds and collaborate with others instead of outcompeting them.

More about Sustainable World Corporation

Sustainable World Corporation provides an infrastructure for developing business opportunities for African and Swedish companies. Using an integrated approach of education, partnerships, and business development, SWC facilitates business partnerships between African and Swedish companies and acts as intermediaries and business partners for risk management in new markets.

Do you identify with this? Are you a Zebra entrepreneur? 🦓

Read more about Zebra Impact Academy:


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