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Welcome Lynkrr to Founders Loft

- A warm Welcome to Founders Loft, tell us more about "Lynkrr"

Lynkrr is a SaaS platform aimed at addressing the issue of high unemployment and underemployment among foreign-born women in Sweden. With over a million foreign-born women in the country and an average wait time of 10 years for them to find employment, Lynkrr aims to provide an easy and streamlined solution for entering the market and selling their skills. The platform will allow these women to take control of their own careers and be independent. With innovative technology and modern approaches, Lynkrr is making a real difference in the lives of foreign-born women in Sweden. We are not just creating job opportunities, we're opening doors for them to start their own businesses and take control of their financial futures.

- Who are you - the Team and entrepreneurs behind the startup?

Omar Alzokani and Anand Venkataraman are the founders of Lynkrr. Together, we recognized the difficulties faced by foreign-born individuals in finding employment in Sweden, and we envisioned entrepreneurship as a solution to this problem. With this in mind. we founded Lynkrr with the belief that everyone has skills, knowledge, or experience that others are willing to pay for and that selling services should know no boundaries, regardless of age, business experience, education, or current financial resources. Omar is a civil engineer with a background in building and running independent contracting businesses, while Anand is a Solution Architect with a background in raising and running startups.

- What got you to apply for our incubator?

The incubator program at Founders Loft is the perfect fit for our startup. With access to crucial resources, expert guidance, and a supportive community, our company has the foundation it needs to grow and succeed. The chance to learn from and collaborate with other successful startups within the community is an exciting prospect for us.

Starting a company can be a daunting challenge, but with the support of Founders Loft, we are confident that we will be a part of a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating positive change, and we are confident that with Founders Loft's support, our company, Lynkrr, will reach new heights.

We are eager to embark on this journey and know that the incubator program will provide us with the tools and resources needed to achieve success. The potential of the program is vast, and we look forward to the growth and development that will come from this partnership.

- What's the next step for "Lynkrr"?

At the moment, our focus is on validating our solution through targeted testing with a select group of participants. This will allow us to refine and improve our approach. Additionally, we are exploring the development of an automated version of our platform that will streamline the onboarding process for new users and provide them with the necessary guidance to begin their entrepreneurial journey.


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