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Founders Loft welcomes to the incubator!

Warm welcome to Founders Loft, tell us more about was founded with the aim of streamlining repayment times in trade. We have developed a tech solution that streamlines payment flows that previously took 2-4 banking days to complete within minutes. With over 8,000,000 private users of Swish, we want to see a wider choice for direct payouts.

Who are you and the team behind the startup?

The team at currently consists of Arvid Sundberg (CEO) & Gustav Bartholdsson (COO). But there will be more!

What made you apply to Founders Loft?

We are entering a compatible industry and realized quite early on that we will need senior assistance on our journey towards direct payments. Then we consider that we are at a stage where an office would facilitate and streamline our daily work. Therefore, we felt that Founders Loft was a good match, the best of both worlds (the worlds we need right now).

What is the next step for

To start A/B testing different sales strategies, as well as customer segments. The technology is in place, the system works.


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